Isimi is a Yoruba word that means rest or peace of mind. This name was carefully chosen because it best captures the experience that Isimi Lagos represents.  Isimi Lagos is your best destination for work and play. It is the perfect meeting point between technology, architecture, and nature; but of course, nature is the dominant factor here.

The topography of the whole Isimi Lagos will be largely retained to maintain its natural state. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are planned to be built around the existing geological structure. 

Transportation around Isimi is also eco- friendly and great for an active lifestyle. Isimi Lagos oers work and living spaces that are ideal for short and long term use. Polo enthusiasts will love the well-maintained world-class turf and other top-notch 

facilities for equestrians. Fresh produce can be gotten straight o the farms and other activities like kayaking and fishing bring a flavor that makes you forget the bustle of the city and sink deeper into nature’s loving arms. 

If you’re looking for a place for your next vacation, company or team retreat, or just somewhere you can go to embrace nature and get some well-deserved rest, Isimi Lagos is an excellent choice.

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