The History of Isimi Lagos

A couple of years ago, an enterprising young investor, broke out in the golden shell of the Nigerian Real Estate industry and masterminded an exceptionary unique product-brand never witnessed in the country. In his own thought processes, he envisioned and steadily brought into fruition a new product that sought to bring people and Eco-Friendly environments into a harmonious co-existence.

After perfecting and materializing the concept of Isimi Lagos, a city inspired by nature, powered by technology and crafted for peace mind, nested in the heart of EPE, Lagos his innate drive, further propelled him to identify natural environments and enhance them through appropriate technological interventions without altering nature’s bliss

How We Started

Like its meaning, 'Peace of Mind', the concept behind Isimi Lagos was hatched as a hospitable city that's peaceful, serene, welcoming, sustainable, and essentially eco-friendly for its residents and tourists. A lifestyle city that mimics nature, bringing people and animals closer to a unique co-existence and understanding. Ultimately, this city seeks to mirror God’s handiwork in the biblical Garden of Eden, here in the serene natural habitat situated at Epe.

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Sustainability In the
City Of Tomorrow (Isimi Lagos)

Isimi Lagos is committed to promoting the United Nations' sustainable development goal of Climate action while respecting the local community and environment in which we are situated. We have strategically planned initiatives, including our Build For Change social impact initiative which is pivotal to fighting climate change and promoting a more Eco-friendly habitat for humans.

What's the weather like At Isimi Lagos?

The weather is hot and humid when it needs to be, but pretty cool all year round! Regardless of when you plan to visit Isimi Lagos as a tourist or move in as a resident, you can expect the weather to be warm and pleasant, with the months from May to June generally being somewhat wetter than the rest of the year.

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